Grait’s ideal school environment works to build safe learning spaces for all our students as we adjust to the needs of students shift. Our school environment works hard to develop authentic measures for assessing student learning thus embracing the idea that all students can learn despite age or ethnic diversity. At Grait we work to build safe learning spaces for all students. We indulge teachers who are knowledgeable, care about student learning and adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their learners utilizing our numerous facilities, classrooms, school based health supports and disciplinary policies and practices thereby setting up the stage for external factors that effect students positively. Grait schools believes certain aspects affect students such as climate, practical teaching and learning, community partnership, prosocial student culture and strategies and aggressive student culture and more. Most classes are equipped with air conditioning systems to enable an ideal learning environment for our students as we strive to remain the best school in Nigeria, West Africa.

Summarily we recognize that student success is a complex goal to achieve. Providing an enabling environment for this success for all students and measuring is accomplished with many tools.  The same goes for the classroom.  Our teaching strategies are geared towards diverse learners based on several ethnic groups and people and learn how to work effectively with each of our students.