Best school several years in a row, Grait children’s school is situated opposite popular indomie factory. It houses approximately 60 classes for nursery and creche purposes, library, on site sick bay and nurses. We gladly boast of being the best school within this region with ideal school shuttle service and adequate onsite care for our students and staff. COVID 19 prevention techniques and protocols are in full effect. You forgot your covid mask at home, not to worry, we have spares for you.

Grait college houses 100 blocks of classes, laboratories, a resident clinic, cafeteria and a unique boarding house facility for girls and boys separate. Students and parents are assured of security due to attached security personnel always present on site. A standard basketball court and football pitch is present. Steady power supply due to supplementary power equipment. Tennis tables available for students. CCTV present on site to ensure more security and accountability of academic and non-academic staff.