Grait students and teachers bring a diversity of knowledge, experiences, and accomplishments to our community. As one of the best school in Nigeria we share an intense curiosity and a love of learning.

At each class level, students are challenged academically and personally to learn and grow. From the lab to the stage, our faculty and staff guide students as they gain understanding and proficiency across all disciplines. Our academic program is designed to teach students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in Nigeria and a global society at large.

Grait international school(s) students are supported by faculty and staff with outstanding experience and credentials in their fields, as well as a passion for educating young people. In addition to their teachers, Lakeside students have access to a wide range of educational specialists in our library, educational programs, and student/family support program. An ongoing professional development program and evaluation system supports teachers at all stages of their careers by supporting their growth in areas such as pedagogy (the study of how best to teach), inclusion and equity, technology, and discipline-specific knowledge.

Classes are small – average class size is 20 students – and faculty members are available to work with students one-on-one and in small groups. At Grait we strive to provide an equitable learning environment for all students, and we believe every student should have an equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the life of the school. When everyone can bring their full selves to the table, we all benefit.