Grait International School(s) Tuition.

The following information is not intended to be comprehensive of Grait tuition and is subject to change based on administrative, legislative, or regental action, and changes become effective on the date enacted. Grait international schools has been ranked within the sphere of the top 10 best schools in Ogun state with reasonable tuition/school fees thus the following information should be used only as a guideline for estimating costs. For further clarification on any matter, contact the office or administrative unit from which the charge or refund originated, or consult the General Information Catalog online.

Junior Secondary Classes 1-2

NGN139,000 for starters.

NGN86,000 for returning students.

Senior Secondary Classes 1-2

NGN144,000 for new entrants.

NGN90,000 for returning students

** Creche classes have been put on hold **

New entrants are issued school uniforms and sports wears. 

** These fees exclude excursion fees and other extra curricular activities **

For scholarship opportunities check the scholarship page 

Junior Secondary Class 3 (excludes other fees, such as uniforms and levies)

NGN114,700 for starters.

NGN99,000 for returning students.

NGN28,000 – exam fees.

Senior Secondary Class 3

No direct admission.

For WAEC registration contact us.

Extra lessons JSS & SSS

NGN10,000 per term

Nursery/Play Group

NGN57,000 for starters.

NGN31,000 for returning students.

Primary 1-6

NGN71,000 for new entrants.

NGN40,000 for returning students.

Extra lessons NGN5,000 per term

Complete uniforms junior

2 sets blazers & socks NGN31,500

Cardigan NGN4500

1 sport wear NGN4,500 

Forms and others

Senior Secondary – NGN5,000

Junior Secondary – NGN5,000

Development levy NGN5,000

School id card NGN5000

End of year party NGN8,000

Caution deposit NGN1,000

Admission forms

Grait children’s school NGN5000

** School bus fees based on location **

Complete uniforms set NGN35,500

skirt/trouser – NGN4,500

Shirt – NGN2,700

Tie – NGN2,400

Cardigan – NGN4,500

Sport wear – NGN4,500

Boarding house fees

NGN120,000 new students.

NGN95,000 returning students

Forms NGN10,000

For further inquiry contact 08171986066, 08188674469.